Peter Singleton
Marketing Consultant, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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What Clients Are Saying

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"Over the years we have worked with numerous marketing consultants and have come to the conclusion that you are more effective than all of them put together. We want to work with you again in 2011." John and Craig Jacobs, Healthier Living For You, Ontario


"Just wanted to write you a quick thank-you for all your help in 2010. Thanks to your guidance and ideas we have finally hit $40,000 in monthly sales and are about to open up our first 'franchise' in Edmonton. At this rate of growth we expect to hit $100,000 in monthly sales by June. We'd also like to renew our contract with you in 2011."  President, Mango Maids "Latest update, we're at $50,000!" April 7, 2011, Alberta


“Peter Singleton transformed my business from just another roofing company into a professional looking business with a clear and effective marketing message and marketing system. We saw definite results when we stayed very busy even though the housing market slowed down our competitors. We'd like to entertain working with TLC again to franchise our business in 2011.“ Thanks A Million (Literally), Sherene St. Cyr, Owner, Done Right Roofing, Alberta


“I have been a business coach for over 5 years and became a licensee of TLC Franchising in January of 2010 and I directly credit TLC with increasing my coaching sales by over $70,000 in the first year, during a recession. Peter is one of the smartest and best equipped marketing coaches today. He truly is a visionary. TLC also helped me sell 7 franchises for additional gross sales of over $150,000.00. TLC Franchising should be an integral part of every coaching business.” Allan Fine, President, Executive Edge, Alberta


“Thank you! I’m not kidding you, this is going like GANG BUSTERS! Peter, we can’t thank you enough for your work, help, guidance, coaching and support.  It’s like living on another planet.  We feel so blessed by God that he directed us to you!”Cicilia Aviles, Partner The Art of Wonder, Alberta


"I signed up with Peter Singleton as my business coach because he is truly a man of vision and quite frankly he gets things done! One thing you have to ask yourself---Don't you need a business consultant because YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY????   Well Peter promises and Peter delivers! Here's the bottom line (we all like the bottom line right?).  If you want to feel pumped, inspired or in love with the world read Chicken Soup for the Soul.  IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE MOOLAH JOIN PETER SINGLETON!  And guess what? You will feel more pumped, inspired and in love with everybody around you as well.  As the old saying goes, "Nothing succeeds like success!" Paul Neill, Strategic Learning Systems,Alberta


“This is just a short note to thank you for your valuable input over the last 7 months as it really has helped us to take our business to the "next level". You have helped us to transform our business into a company with a bright future and increasing profit margin, whereas before your input the future was quite uncertain.  In addition we do appreciate the value of your educational events and networking opportunities when they are available. We've enjoyed meeting other entrepreneurs and hearing their stories as well. We look forward to our ongoing business relationship. Sincerely, Norm Jay, President The Gumball Factory, British Columbia


Peter's Alberta, BC & Ontario Workshops

Rank High on Google Workshop
Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Advertising Copy Writing, Sales, Web Design

Sales & Marketing Workshop
Traditional Marketing, Advertising, Copy Writing, Prospecting, Sales, Branding, Franchising

Presentation & Event Marketing Workshop
Venue/Date Selection, Advertising Copy Writing,  Marketing Mediums, Presentation Skills, Presentation Close, Follow Up

Trade Show Workshop
Pre-Show Planning, Invitations, At-Show Display/Signage, At-Show Strategies, At-Show Sales, Follow Up Sales 

Franchise Workshop
Franchise-ability, Legal Documentation, Expansion Schedule, Franchise Sales, Territory Sales, Franchise Shows


Peter's Bio

Industrial Sales - Legare Foundry 1975 - 1991
Director - New Seoul Language Academy, Seoul, South Korea 1992 - 1995
English Professor - Sun Gyeung Kwon University, Seoul, South Korea  - 1996
Marketing Director - Interlock Roofing 1996 - 1999
Franchise Director - Good Morning News 1999 - 2001
Franchise Director - Progressive Group for Independent Business 2001 - 2005
Advertising Representative - Calgary Phone Directories Company 2005
Chief Executive Officer - The Corporate Group of Allied Associates 2005 to present
Chief Executive Officer - Multi-Stream Marketing 2006 to present
Chief Executive Officer - TLC Marketing & Franchising 2008 to present
Chief Executive Officer - Accountable Communications 2010 to present

Past Boards of Directors and Associations

Vice President - The Canadian Leadership Institute
Executive Director of Membership - The Progressive Group for Independent Business
Ambassador - Calgary Chamber of Commerce


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