In Balance Mobile Reflexology Says: Best Marketing Ever! Working with Peter Singleton, Calgary, Alberta

"This is by far the best marketing that has ever been done for me. I have practiced for the past 20 years and have tried everything, in many different cities. I now get the right type of client, that I have been looking for since the beginning, whenever I want more business." Lynn Paulhus, Reflexologist

We Feel So Blessed By God - Entertainer Makes $40,000 per Month Working with Peter Singleton, Calgary Alberta

"Thank you! I’m not kidding you, this is going like GANG BUSTERS! Peter we can’t thank you enough for your work, help, guidance, coaching and support. It’s like living on another planet. We feel so blessed by God that he directed us to you and that you never gave up contacting and inviting me to things!" Cicilia Aviles and Derek Selinger, The Art of Wonder

Done Right Roofing Worth Over 1.5 Million in 1st Year of Working with Peter Singleton, Calgary Alberta

“At first I was unsure whether or not the marketing plan would actually be helpful to us. A year later I can say that the plan was worth every penny and all of the effort! The marketing plan transformed my business from just another roofing company into a professional looking business with a clear and effective marketing message and marketing system. We saw definite results when we stayed very busy even though the housing market slowed down our competitors. By following the plan for systemizing my business I increased its resale value to 1.5 million and counting! Thanks A Million Literally." Sherene St.Cyr, Owner of Done Right Roofing